Don’t Just Send Flowers, Send Maui Flowers! ™

Due to high demand, our Medium & Large boxes are sold out for Valentine’s Day. Order your Small Box today to ensure availability and delivery before or on Valentine’s Day.

All fresh flowers are not created equal. Hawaiian flowers from are the most beautiful in the world. The joy that comes from flowers shipped by SendMaui is shared by both the sender and the recipient, and they are suitable for ALL occasions.

Our exotic tropical flowers are harvested specifically for your order to ensure that we ship only fresh flowers. Your bouquet is then carefully packed and immediately shipped from Maui via Federal Express. (There is no extra cost to you for the FedEx fees.)

The flower of the exotic ginger plant is unique due to its color and shape. We are sure to include both the red flowers and the pink flowers in each Tropical Bouquet along with other flowers in bloom at the time of harvesting.

Mahalo nui loa! (Thank you very much!)

SendMaui, Inc.